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Parker County Emergency Services District No. 8 (ESD 8) area residents voted to create ESD 8 in November 2012 to fund the area fire departments. The district began collecting taxes to meet ESD 8 fire service needs. The district's geographic area is defined by geographic area and measures approximately 122 square miles.

An Emergency Services District (ESD) is a grassroots political subdivision created by voters in a defined area to fund fire protection, emergency medical services, or both. More than 300 such districts are now operating in Texas.  ESDs are authorized by the Texas Constitution, Health & Safety Code, Title 9, Chapter 775, and they may levy a tax rate of no more than 10 cents per $100 of property value in their district.  For a home on the tax rolls at $150,000, that is an annual tax of $150, or $12.50 a month.

ESD 8 provides funding for three departments, two Central Community Volunteer Fire Departments, station #1 and station #255 in Weatherford, Texas, and the Adell-Whitt Volunteer Fire Department in Whitt, Texas. Combined, the volunteer fire departments of ESD #8 respond to approximately 686 calls each year. The departments are staffed by volunteers, compensated volunteers, and paid personnel who staff a station around the clock.

The Fire Departments offer a junior firefighter program. This program gives our communities youth the chance to learn about local fire, rescue, and emergency medical services in a safe, controlled, educational, and fun way providing them with valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and commitment. Beginning while young, our youth learn to form lifelong connections as first responders and/or community supporters.

An appointed board of five commissioners governs the Parker County Emergency Services District No. 8.  They oversee the efforts of devoted firefighters who seek to build a safer future through effective partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies to save lives, protect property and reduce the effects of disasters through preparedness, prevention, planning, response, and recovery activities.

Parker County Emergency Services District No. 8 Board of Commissioners meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm, alternating locations between CCVFD and AWVFD. The public is welcome to attend these open meetings. Please see the home page for upcoming meeting information and agenda.

What is an Emergency Services District (ESD)?

Frequently asked questions and answers about emergency services districts on the Texas Association of Fire and Emergency Districts website: https://www.safe-d.org/faqs/