ESD No. 8 Fleet

Parker County Emergency Service District No. 8 has a combined fleet made up of the Adell-Whitt Volunteer Fire Department (AWVFD) and the Central Community Volunteer Fire Department (CCVFD).

Brush Truck B45 - AWVFD

Brush Truck B45 - AWVFD

This 2022 F350 4x4 brush truck holds 450 gallons of water and the capability to use class B foam. It also contains equipment such as chainsaws, rakes, and shovels to gain fire access. It allows our firefighters to use different firefighting tactics and strategies to contain and extinguish grass fires. Supporting our district and the county with grass fires, brush trucks are lighter and more versatile than the engines, allowing water to be taken off-road, directly to the fire.

Best EMS patch

Emergency Medical Services

Best EMS are responding to emergency calls to provide medical direction from the doctor on call. Best EMS is working with Parker County Hospital District and fire departments in the county, providing integrated training to create unity and cohesiveness.

LifeCare EMS continues to respond to all emergency calls, providing transportation. LifeCare EMS has locations across Parker County.

LifeCare EMS patch